Pricing Your Items

Consign with Redeux Women's Consignment EventThere are many factors to consider to determine what to ask for your items: condition, original price, brand name of item, if it has original tags, etc.

Generally, items sell for around 1/3 to 1/4 of original price, depending on condition.

Remember, these are USED items. Ask yourself, “Would I pay this?” or “Would I buy this again?”.

Half Price Day Opportunity

On the last day of the sale, if your item hasn’t sold at full price, you have the opportunity to mark it to half price. Select which items you’d like to offer at half price when using our tagging program. Items you do not wish to offer at half price will remain at full price the entire time.

We highly recommend offering items at half price because shoppers are looking for deeply discounted bargains on the final day of the sale. You took the time to get the items OUT of the house… do you really want to bring them back home if they don’t sell?